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Dear Sir Joe, An eye-opener for me to explore great opportunities in internet marketing! I have learned a bunch of new ideas that will absolutely help me undertaking a net- based business. My thoughts of starting a business with a huge capital have entirely changed!!! Why should I invest millions for a business in order to gain more when I can have it with Internet Marketing at a minimal investment cost? Plus, I can be anywhere in the world and always have my business at hand. The examples of real people who started Internet marketing with limited investment and turned out to be millionaires are very inspiring! If they were able to do it, why can’t I?!!!! Thanks Joe for sharing your great talents!
Lourdes E.Sason

Joseph is a critical thinker that takes action and tests for results, it is rare to find someone of his caliber that will actually go outside the box like this to find new streams of income and new methods of creating fresh revenue and fresh ideas.
Donna Rougeau

Dear Mr. Joseph, I cannot say enough great things about the seminar. You are an Excellent speaker with great new ideas, Enthusiastic, Motivating, Experienced and highly Knowledgeable. I really enjoyed your seminar. You keep on surprising me every time. I would like to thank you for the informative seminar that we had. I was very impressed with the amount of new information and the detail in which you explained it. I can see how this information will benefit me, that I can implement all the ideas and strategies immediately due to your presentation and your wonderful gift. You’ve just opened a door to us to start new business through Network Marketing, also you’ve saved lots of the time required to seek and learn the new and the right things. This seminar was very educational in helping us to take right choices and to make important decisions in what to include in our websites and how to utilize it when marketing the website. I'm looking forward to starting and implementing all these ideas. Once again, Thank you Joe and it is ALWAYS worth my day to come listen to you.
Ghaith Zghaibi

Dear Joe, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the Network Marketing seminar. Although I knew about the Network Marketing Business long back, I did not have the resource, as to where to start from or how to start it. When you introduced NWM, it was a gateway for me. If I had to start it myself, I would have lost thousands of dollars by doing mistakes and finally would have given up. Moreover your support after the seminar as to how to practically start it was a big boost. When I signed up for the seminar, I thought I may be wasting my weekly off-day for the seminar. But in the first 15% of the seminar I decided that if I had to spend another weekend for this, I would gladly do it. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful knowledge.
Godwin R. Monteiro

I was fortunate to attend a one day program on Internet Marketing conducted by Mr. Joseph Ponnou. Internet Marketing to me was like jigsaw puzzle, but after attending this program it has become like simple cross word. The program was well structured to include only relevant topics covering Internet marketing, explained in a lucid manner with live examples. I have gained enormous confidence to get into Internet Marketing in the right perspective so as to become a profitable entrepreneur. I can confidently compare Mr. Joe to an expert diving instructor who not only teaches the swimmer the art and science of diving but also gives the diving suit and apparatus to go deep into the sea beds to explore its treasures. I thank Mr. Joseph Ponnou for giving me an opportunity to attend such a useful program and wish him all the very best.
Wilson Thomas

Mr. Joseph is an original business professional, a true leader and a drive to success for a team or a product. With a proven record of being a source of innovative ideas he has helped create many success stories. Along with series of achievements I will not be able to list; in short I can say: Result oriented leader with top priority of improving team capabilities and knowledge, a true leader with the fact that we all looked at him as Our Mentor. Mr. Joseph has set my career path and I am forever grateful. Thank you Sir.
Baha Khalil