There is no limit to learning. As they say, the more you LEARN the more you EARN!

But where should you start?

Here are some of the absolutely fantastic network marketing books that I found and I would encourage you to read them.

I do hope that these resources will help you to further succeed in your network marketing business.

Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

This is a must-have book for Network Marketers. The author, Eric Worre, needs no introduction in the network marketing world and is highly regarded as an industry expert.

Here are some Reviews from Verified Buyers of this book.

[Quote] After reading an advanced copy of this book I knew this was the tool I wanted for all new and seasoned people on my team. After a 18 year hiatus from MLM, three years ago I decided my timing was right and in three short years I’m now in the top 100 of a billion dollar energy company. So much of what I do everyday to guide my team comes directly from the teaching/mentoring that Eric provides. [Unquote]

[Quote] This book is the chosen core textbook for the MLM Millionaire Club curriculum, and is being considered as the core book for the history-making world’s first accredited college course in Network Marketing at Bethany College of Lindsborg, Kansas. Why? It contains in a nutshell the how-to’s of professional Network Marketing. [Unquote]


The Business of the 21st Century

A much acclaimed book from none other than Robert T. Kiyosaki himself, this book helps each networker to be proud about the network marketing business. This book lends credibility to multilevel marketing business, and justifies why it is an ideal avenue to make money.

Here are some Reviews from Verified Buyers of this book.

[Quote] Kiyosaki lends his substantial credibility to this much-misunderstood business to clear away the misconceptions that keep many prospects from joining. He demolishes objections one by one so that those who are determined to succeed in “The New Economy” will see that only network marketing offers all the benefits of a huge business, with none of the risk, expense, and complexity. [Unquote]

[Quote] Outstanding! I’m not quite finished with the book however it portrays the network marketing industry in a GREAT LIGHT! I’m very excited to be ‘currently’ reading this book and it will be used as a tool for my teams ‘book of the month’. [Unquote]


Ice Breakers! How To Get Any Prospect To Beg You For A Presentation

This book shows you how to prospect negative people, positive people, relatives, co-workers, strangers, leads, cold prospects … just about anyone. The author, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, who is a veteran in the industry needs no introduction and has incredible experiences in the form of this book to help budding MLM leaders.

Here are some Reviews from Verified Buyers of this book.

[Quote] Most people do not know how to approach people. The 3 foot rule is bogus and scares most people. Ice Breakers allows you to know what to say to start a conversation without being a cheese ball. This book is excellent. I’ve made millions of dollars in commissions in Network Marketing and this is the part that causes people the most problems. Big Al helps solve it with real world examples that you can drill and practice. It is a very valuable book. [Unquote]

[Quote] As an independent associate in a network marketing company, this is exactly what I needed! Whether working hot leads, warm leads, or cold calling, Tom provides easy to use and easy to remember opening lines that will open new doors for your business. [Unquote]


The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals

Stephen R. Covey is well known for his for his “7 Habits” books. In this 2-CD training, Stephen R. Covey presents an integrated, principle-centered approach for becoming a highly effective network marketing Professionals professional. Included in this training is a 48-page workbook outlining timeless networking principles that, along with the audio training, acts as the perfect complement to help you achieve your ultimate networking goals of effectiveness.

Here are some Reviews from Verified Buyers of this book.

[Quote] If you have ever read any of Stephen R. Covey’s books then you know how great his material is. This CD set is no different. On this CD set created specifically for network marketers, he shares concepts and planning ideas very helpful to network marketers. As a network marketer who has been in the business for more than four years, I still found some different material which is also very helpful on these CDs. I recommend that all network marketers listen to these CDS and then apply what they learn. [Unquote]

[Quote] Awesome. Stephen Covey covers the most important attributes of the best. I wish I this would have been out a long time ago. I would have saved a lot of money on other material that was simply a long song and dance (and some of it fluff). This is my favorite. At the price you can’t argue the value. This is simply the nuts and bolts for network marketing training. [Quote]


ROCK Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing ROCK STAR

Sarah Robbins has won the hearts of many network marketers with her simple yet effective approach and leadership traits. The book has already found great popularity among the network marketers wanting to increase their business.

Here are some Reviews from Verified Buyers of this book.

[Quote] Sarah’s book reflects her mission to help perfectly. Fresh and personal, it reads like a letter from a sweet and wise sister. And it’s full of examples of how conversations can unfold — those uncomfortable conversations where newbie network marketers are asking themselves, “what do I say?” And then, “how do I build?” [Unquote]

[Quote] Having read several books on network marketing, having listened to CDs and watched DVDs on the subject as well, this is the first book on the subject that really speaks to me. This book is NOT about sales hype or how to get rich in a week. Sarah Robbins simply and succinctly states the realities of owning a small business: the failures and rejections along with the consistent work and focus it takes to be successful. Likewise, she shares the very same methods, ideas and activities that have made her the 7 figure (monthly) earner she is today. [Unquote]