Among the proudest achievements in my life, conceptualizing and launching the Network Marketing Success Magazine is very close to my heart.

Being the first of its kind, a digital magazine app in the network marketing niche that can be downloaded on your iOS and Android devices, our magazine is beyond doubt a trendsetter and The Elite Magazine for the Mobile Networker.

The magazine has proven to be a boon for Professional Marketers and budding network marketers, alike – a matter that is confirmed by the fact that it is already being read in 80 countries!

But allow to first share how this magazine came about and what it is all about…

I have personally been involved in the network marketing industry for around 12 years as I write this. I have changed a few companies – 5 to be exact – in this time, considered okay by some and frowned by others. But more importantly, I’ve made MISTAKES that have cost me a good amount of time and money before I could even realize what was amiss and correct them. How I wish there was a common learning channel for this amazing industry where the REAL LEADERS shared their knowledge and experience to help others who were just starting out or struggling to make their first $100 in this business!

That thought is at the Core of bringing out this magazine, a common meeting place for Network Marketers of all levels from any MLM Company and from any place in the world!

Evolution in the industry has resulted in quite a few major changes over the recent past:

  • Clarity and Transparency on the Best Practices and Ethics within the Industry
  • Willingness of Industry Leaders to Train, Support and Help budding networkers
  • Almost a 360 degrees Paradigm Shift enabling Online Marketers to “attract” x-times more number of “qualified prospects” than what was possible ever before

Add to that the recent launch of Newsstand, a technology and feature we were among the first to embrace, Network Marketing Success Magazine encompasses and presents all the ‘good stuff’ for the modern day network marketer.

The Objectives of Network Marketing Success Magazine are very simple.

  • Help to Uphold the Image of the entire Network Marketing Industry – We’d like to do our bit to help you handle situations where people still refer to this wonderful industry as Scam, Cheating, Illegal Pyramid etc.
  • Help Network Marketers to stay Updated, Motivated, Trained and Connected at all times so as to Persevere and Succeed Faster and Go To The Next Level in their MLM business.

Whether you are an absolute newbie or a recognized leader, I invite you to be part of this Network Marketing Success Magazine.

Connect with us and let’s show the world that this, the Network Marketing niche, is the best business ever!

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