There’s a good chance you’re wondering how to use Twitter so that you can start building your home biz the right way.

how to use twitterEven though it’s a very simple site, many people do Twitter wrong. They don’t get how powerful it can be when done right. Tweeting out a bunch of stuff is the easy part. In fact we won’t even get into that today.

We’re going to get into things that are MUCH more important. On that note though, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice to start posting a bunch of promotional stuff on Twitter, telling people to join your company. It’s much easier to attract bees with honey as the saying goes.

That being said, I’m going to give you…

How to Use Twitter So That Prospects Are Attracted to You – 3 Powerful Keys to Setting Up Your Page…

#1 Create a Custom Banner That Attracts Attention…

One great thing that Twitter allows you to do is create a very dynamic header banner. You can even add as much text to  your banner as you want. But you don’t want to overdue it because you want the text that’s there to stand out.

Here’s what you’ll add…

Your Pic: People want to see who they’re dealing with…

Your URL: This isn’t clickable, but people WILL type your URL in to follow you. Your blog is probably best here so that you can prove that you have value to give.

Your Brand: If you’re in network marketing then this is likely YOUR NAME. If you have a business with a name then add that name. Either way you’ll want to add your brand inside  there.

#2 Tell Your Prospects What’s in It for Them If They Follow You: Let them know that you’ll help them get more leads, more sign-ups, or more sells by following YOU and doing what you show them. You can even be specific to how you’ll show them that. Example: Get 10 Leads Per Day Using Facebook in An Hour Per Day! Etc.

Create a Dynamic Bio…

  • After someone sees your banner, their eyes will go straight to your bio. It’s just natural human curiosity.
  • Here’s what you’ll add:
  • A dynamic link that is not the same as the one in your banner (a landing page is great here. But it should be something that  you can switch according to what you’re promoting)….
  • Tell them again what’s in it for them if they click that link, or if they decide to follow you.
  • Another link where you cross promote either another Twitter page or a Facebook Page.

#3 Follow People Who Are in Different Network Marketing Companies

 This is your target market. Follow groups of people who are in different network marketing companies.

The idea is that many of these people will either be unhappy with their company, their sponsors, or will find themselves in a company that’s in trouble. You want to be the one they turn to when any of those things happen. You’ve already set that up with your banner and bio!

That’s how you use Twitter to build a network marketing biz.